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On seeing the good.
August 20, 2009

C: What are things that are going right right now?

S: Ummmmm. God. I suck at this. Nothing?

C: Nooo that’s not true. Think. You get to hang out with me. You have a dog. You have tons of friends. You are really getting good at playing the guitar. You have time to write. You started a badass blog that SOMEONE [we don’t know who] is putting on Facebook. Mad Men is going to get better. Your husband wants to work at communicating with you.

S: Those last two are both bad things that you’re spinning around to be pseudo-not-really good things.

C: Well, you know!? I am really working on this! I don’t know what you do with your days that is good! Besides the me stuff, and I can’t justify me making your life not crumbly.

S: Maybe it is just you. Maybe that’s why I was supposed to meet you.

C: Ohh S, that is so sad.

On being a sad crazy dog lady.
July 30, 2009

S: SO I’ve decided something.

C: Did you wake up for the rain last night? What?

S: I did! I was scared and lonely again. 😦

C: Haha (sorry to laugh).

S: I was sleeping and I thought my husband was beside me and I could cling to him, but I woke up and I was all alone except for my dog.

C: Was your dog not helpful? Wait, I want to hear what you decided.

S: He was. But in a sad crazy dog lady way. OK. So when we’re chatting and you crack me up, instead of “lol,” I’m going to type “pip.”

C: THIS is your big news?

S: That way when I’m going through our convos for blog material, all I have to do is search for “pip.”

C: S, this is worse than being a sad crazy dog lady.

On feeling alone.
July 17, 2009

S: The storm woke me up last night.

C: My dog barking at SOMETHING woke me up last night, and I was too tired to be scared.

S: I lay in bed and felt really alone and worried about how I will get to the hospital if I were sick since I don’t have a husband and don’t live near family.

C: OMG, give me a call if you get sick. I’ll take you to the hospital.

S: It’s these tiny little things that I’ve grown used to having that I’m afraid to go without now.

C: You will be fine. Shoot, I had a rainforest in my apartment, and I was OK! Things work out.

S: Yeah, but your family lives here.

C: They aren’t very helpful.