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On becoming fitness co-instructors.
September 15, 2009

C:  I wonder how much we could make?

S: Maybe we could get a gig at your country club. And we’d be funny! That would set us apart! We’d make people laugh while working out, which would make it an even better workout!

C:  That WOULD set us apart.

S:  I always say that laughing is the thing that’s kept my abs trim. I guess I haven’t laughed enough lately.

C:  It would bring the two things that I love together. Comedy…and fitness? OK, one thing that I love.


On LOLing.
September 1, 2009

C: I don’t believe that you literally laugh out loud every time you write LOL.

S: I do!


S: Yes! I sit at my computer and laugh all day! You know how honest I am. Aside from the whole affair thing.

On spreading illnesses.
August 31, 2009

S: You totally gave me your stomach thing. My stomach is still making alien sounds.

C: Maybe there is an alien inside of you?

S: Ewwww. Did you pass your alien to me?

C: You always blame me for this stuff…UTIs, aliens. What’s next?

S: lol

C: I do have a habit of spreading LOLs…you’re right.

On going for laughs.
August 6, 2009

S: You’ve really raised the bar on the level of funniness I expect from myself. Now I’m trying to get laughs everywhere all the time.

C: NOW YOU KNOW MY PLIGHT! It’s a horrible drug.

S: I’m enjoying it.

C: I’ve been living with this anxiety since at least 4. Give yourself 21 years.

On being funny.
August 6, 2009

C:  (talking about a text C sent) Yeah, my best friend said it wasn’t funny. Wa Wa Waaaa.

S:  What?! I thought that was the primary job of the best friend:  laugh at everything best friend says.

C:  Well, no, she provided the truth, but now I know to not trust you…..

S:  Shit.

C:  F! Et Tu Brute?