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On making new friends.
September 29, 2009

C: Did I tell you that D called me on Saturday and left a message that was like, “by the way, those people weren’t my friends.”

S: lol. She’s hilarious.

C: I really like her.  She could fit in with us.

S: Yeah, we should hang out with her.

C: This is how S2 and I evaluated you.

S: lol. Awesome. I’m glad I passed the test!

C: Well, before we even knew about you we were like, “we need someone to join our group who is like us – on medication to be happier, attends therapy…” and then God sent us you!


On poetry readings.
September 3, 2009

S: You gotta get loose and let the words wash over you. It was like acid, but without all the pesky tripping.

C: S, I need to tell you something. I’m with the establishment. I use words to get points across, not to trip.

S: That’s okay, I guess. We can be like the odd couple.

C: I’m Felix.

S: I’m Balki!

C: Um…they aren’t the odd couple.

S: Oh. What show is that?

C: They are Perfect Strangers.

S: Perfect Strangers!

On gcheating.
September 1, 2009

S: I was sending out resumes when gmail kicked me off, and an hour later it still won’t let me on. What do you think I should make of this?

C: Mine did it to me too…don’t worry!

S: What am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to be at work without gmail!

C: Are you trying to gcheat on me? Because I am no longer on it. It will come back. Something’s wrong with gmail.

S: gcheat?

C: Yeah, when you are in a monogamous chatting relationship, and you “step out.” I was gcheating on you too…it’s okay.

S: Did we ever declare ourselves gchatting exclusive? Should I add this to my FB relationship status?

C: I thought it was just assumed. It’s okay. I was doing the same thing with tons of people…I’m lying. Just with about three others…on a good day.

On seeing the good.
August 20, 2009

C: What are things that are going right right now?

S: Ummmmm. God. I suck at this. Nothing?

C: Nooo that’s not true. Think. You get to hang out with me. You have a dog. You have tons of friends. You are really getting good at playing the guitar. You have time to write. You started a badass blog that SOMEONE [we don’t know who] is putting on Facebook. Mad Men is going to get better. Your husband wants to work at communicating with you.

S: Those last two are both bad things that you’re spinning around to be pseudo-not-really good things.

C: Well, you know!? I am really working on this! I don’t know what you do with your days that is good! Besides the me stuff, and I can’t justify me making your life not crumbly.

S: Maybe it is just you. Maybe that’s why I was supposed to meet you.

C: Ohh S, that is so sad.

On being funny.
August 6, 2009

C:  (talking about a text C sent) Yeah, my best friend said it wasn’t funny. Wa Wa Waaaa.

S:  What?! I thought that was the primary job of the best friend:  laugh at everything best friend says.

C:  Well, no, she provided the truth, but now I know to not trust you…..

S:  Shit.

C:  F! Et Tu Brute?