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On google reader.
September 29, 2009

S: K, I unsubscribed tfln from my google reader. They were blowing up my reader inbox.  If I really wanna read what dipshit drunks do, I’ll go to the damn website.

C: I don’t use google reader……..

S: It’s really great, and makes reading blogs a lot easier.

C: Yeah, but I like making reading blogs harder so that it takes up more time.


On google reader.
September 9, 2009

S:  There’s just no way this one is real: “(480): You were running around the house covered in syrup, with shredded down pillow feathers on your body screaming ‘AFLACK!’ at everyone.” The “you were doing this crazy shit” text is a recurring one.

C:  You need to stop reading tfln. They are fake now.

S: I put it on my google reader!

C:  OMFG. There’s no saving you. THAT is on your google reader and my precious gems are NOT?!

S:  What are you talking about? You’re on my google reader!

C:  Oh, I did not know that.

On dedication.
August 6, 2009

C: Is WordPress always open?

S: What?

C: On your computer, is it always open? You always know everything.

S: Oh, during the day? Yeah. I keep WordPress and Facebook open all day, along with gmail.

C: Wow. That is dedication to your craft. And your Facebook stalking.

S: No, that is boredom.

On being a sad crazy dog lady.
July 30, 2009

S: SO I’ve decided something.

C: Did you wake up for the rain last night? What?

S: I did! I was scared and lonely again. 😦

C: Haha (sorry to laugh).

S: I was sleeping and I thought my husband was beside me and I could cling to him, but I woke up and I was all alone except for my dog.

C: Was your dog not helpful? Wait, I want to hear what you decided.

S: He was. But in a sad crazy dog lady way. OK. So when we’re chatting and you crack me up, instead of “lol,” I’m going to type “pip.”

C: THIS is your big news?

S: That way when I’m going through our convos for blog material, all I have to do is search for “pip.”

C: S, this is worse than being a sad crazy dog lady.

On drinking and perfection.
July 22, 2009

S: Someone came to our blog by searching “perfection s and c blog on drinking.” Which, now that I think of it, is super creepy.

C: That IS super creepy. “Perfection s and c blog on drinking.” How would they even think of that??

S: I have no idea.

C: But it’s not about drinking……is it?

S: No, I think they were remembering one specific post.

C: Great. We’re alcoholics that both get drunk on small amounts of alcohol, and people who read our blog can tell!

On sex and blogs.
July 22, 2009

C: Why are we under blogs about sex??

S: Because we blog about sex!

C: We DO?!!?

On readership.
July 21, 2009

S: Is it weird that I keep going to our blog just to read our convos over and over? It’s like I can’t get enough of them.

C: Hah NO I do that too.

S: Okay, good. ‘Cause I was feeling like a freak.

C: Hopefully that’s what our readership is thinking/the executives at a large cable network that want to turn our convos into a series.

On, uh, blogging?
July 20, 2009

S: I love that you made drinking a category.

C: It needed to be! It didn’t fit in relationships or dating.