On dying young.

C: Still at home…

S: Are you still sick?!

C: Yeah, I can’t really stand without being in total pain.

S: OMG. GO TO THE HOSPITAL. What if it’s appendicitis?! You need to go!

C: Nooo it’s the same thing I always have.

S: You don’t know that! A doctor needs to look at you.

C: I don’t want a 1,000 dollar bill. It fees the same. It will go away.

S: You have insurance! Goddammit, this is why we need HEALTH CARE REFORM. Love, GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Has the pain gotten worse? What if your appendix burst yesterday when you fainted, and now you’re about to die?

C: I’m not about to die. I’m fine.

S: You don’t know that!!!

C: Well, if I die it was a good run.

S: DO NOT DIE. I will never forgive you.

C: I’m not going to. Only the good die young. And I’ve made enough mistakes to not be considered “good.”


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