On lashing out.

S: I’m so mad at my boss just in general that I can’t stop talking to her in bitchy voice. Once you cross that line you can’t go back, apparently. She could ask the most innocent question, and the way I answer it is SO bitchy.

C: Have you ever thought that maybe she is your real mom and you are a teenager? Because that’s how I used to act to my parents.

S: She treats me like a teenager ALL THE TIME. My coworker just commented on that the other day.

C: It would be like, “C, did you have a good day today?” “It was FINE! SHEEZ! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!” So maybe you are just lashing out…”You can’t tell me what to do!!!”

S: She really brings out the latent teenager in me. I roll my eyes at her all the time, and yesterday in response to her comment, I just said “whatever.”

C: You said “whatever”…that is classic teen.

S: I’m SO going to get fired.

C: Nah. My parents never fired me.

S: They would’ve if they were allowed to.

C: You make a valid point. I think my parents did try to fire me…my dad tried to replace me with a new wife, and who knows what my mom was doing.


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