On therapy.

C: So I went to my therapist this morning. He had a typed out list of things that have been said or implied by me since I’ve started seeing him. I am DEPRESSO!

S: Interesting. Does he take notes in your sessions?

C: Yep. But he talks so much I don’t see what he’s writing down. I really like him, and I’m sticking with him. But…sometimes I get bored. I feel like I’m in class.

S: Really? But the class is C 101! How could that be boring? I guess you’re not as narcissistic as me.

C: Actually, It’s not about me…it’s how I should re-program my brain to not be so anxious. Which is BORING. It’s like I signed up for a class on the French, and it’s on French Military History instead (true story from my life).


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