On nighties.

S: I crave sushi ALL THE TIME. It never stops. You could wake me up at 4 a.m. and be like, “Sushi?” and I’d be like, “FUCK YES, let me put my shirt on.”

C: Hold that story up: you don’t wear a shirt to sleep in?

S: Eh. Sometimes. I mean, I wear nighties a lot, and that’s not really appropriate for mythical sushi restaurants that are open at 4 a.m. Nipples, you know.

C: Yeah, I wear the same thing. But sometimes it would be nice to wear them out, because A. They’re comfortable and B. They make me look goooooood.

S: I know. If only it were still 2005.

C: Did they wear nighties out in 2005?

S: Hells yes! It was all about the satiny camisoles. Where were you?

C: Um…in Auburn. I wore boat shoes and polo shirts.


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