On publishers.

C: Have you read “Eat, Pray, Love”? It sounds stupid.

S: Yeah, I read it. I actually really liked it. The writer obviously thinks she’s the most hilarious person ever, which pissed me off. But it has lots of good stuff in there.

C: Before I knew what it was, I saw an obviously anorexic girl at my old apartment gym reading it, and I thought, “Wow, that’s a guide for anorexics. Pray so that you don’t have to eat and you will love your body. Apparently that is NOT what it is about, but I’ve still held tight to that thought.

S: It’s about a lady who decides she doesn’t want to be married anymore at the age of 30, goes through a nasty divorce, and then gets paid by her publisher to go on an awesome spiritual journey.

C: Well how do you get a publisher? Is that another word for dad?

S: I need an m-fing publisher. Which is also to say I need an m-fing dad.


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