On being poor and also possibly cheap.

C: OK, I ate my peach, but it was disgusting.

S: I can’t believe you ate it! I spit out the first bite. I couldn’t even hold it in my mouth. SO grainy and dry. So then I bit into the rest of them, and they were all like that.

C: Yeah, disgusting. I wanted it to be juicy and great.

S: $5 down the drain. Or trash can, as it were.

C: Is there any way to combat that? I NEED THAT $5!!!

S: I actually thought about going to Albertson’s and asking for my money back. Do you still have your receipt?

C: Probably not. I tend to throw stuff away.

S: Me too. And also asking for $5 from Albertson’s for bad peaches is really sad.

C: That’s not true! That’s what people from the “great generation” would have done. They don’t accept crap.

S: I wonder sometimes if our generation will be considered like that too. Because of this Great Recession.

C: Yeah, no. We still suck.

One Response

  1. Okay, silly hint here, but next time if they are just unripe peaches, put them in a paper bag on the counter for a couple of days and they will get sweet and yummy. Works for plums too. Just don’t forget they are there and let them go too long, ’cause that’s a whole nuther problem altogether.

    Oh, and Albertson’s would have probably refunded your money, they are pretty good about that.

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