On Facebook stalking.

C: OK, the point of Facebook statuses? Make everyone else think you’re happy…duhh.

S: Is that so? I mostly complain, I think. Do I mostly complain? Every time I work late I make sure and post it. Not sure why.

C: I don’t think you do…let me go see.

S: Okay.

C: From what I remember I think you complain in a funny way. And, let’s be honest, complaining about working late is a LOT different than complaining about the status of your life.

S: Sometimes I complain about the status of my life.

C: You don’t type on Facebook, “Thinking about divorce. I don’t know…ughh, I guess I’ll make some cookies.” OK, reading your statuses – you’re good. In my professional Facebook stalker’s opinion.

S: I gave you permission! That doesn’t count as stalking.

C: No, I know, but I stalk other people. This isn’t my first rodeo, S.


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