On discontinuing therapy, cont’d.

S: I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever be happy with a stable life.

C: Too bad you can’t Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yourself.

S: The problem is that the heart remembers even if the mind doesn’t. Or so the movie says.

C: But you kinda sacrificed a big portion of your life that a lot of people use to go crazy and become tired of that, and then they want stability.

S: So I just bounce back and forth between crazy and stability. Awesome.

C: Well, I don’t know. I’m not an expert, and you fired yours. Dear S, Are you sure you should have fired your expert? XOXO, C.

S: When I asked my counselor if she really thought I was healed, she was like, well, it’s a lifelong process. Which I think is a nice way of saying NO.

C: Orrrr a nice way of saying, “Shit. I have no idea. I just feel bad for taking your money at this point.”


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