On regrets.

S: Yes, I just said “tat.”

C: Well if you got it you should start talking like someone who has a tat.

S: Someone who has THREE! I can’t believe I have three. I’m going to hate my twenty-year-old self when I’m 70.

C: Well, I have a feeling that your tats won’t be the first on the list. My first on the list is that I was a slut (not really).

S: Maybe your first will be that you wasted so much damn time feeling guilty. Guilt is SOOOO overrated.

C: HA. Do you KNOW me??! I feel guilty for even talking to a guy at the wedding.

S: I know, this is what I’m saying. Too much guilt is bad for the soul.

C: What’s good for the soul?

S: Chicken soup?


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