On love and work.

C: I think there are so many different stages of love, and I’ve probably only made it through the romantic stage. So…I don’t know much.

S: You and me both, babe.

C: Yeah, but you’ve had to work on stuff. I haven’t been there, where it’s real WORK. I mean, I’ve heard about it being real work, but I haven’t had first hand experience.

S: Between you and me, you’re not missing much.

C: Yeah, it doesn’t seem like fun.

S: lol

C: Should I have lied there?


One Response

  1. I think too many men and women have either lied or fudged facts enough to delude the C’s of the world that when they do “get there” it’ll all be rosy. Then they get there, compare the real to the plastic and wonder what’s wrong with them.

    Dangerous business this.

    Better to be a spoiler than a ruiner….

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