On dating.

C: It’s going to be fun when you date!

S: Maybe. I’m nervous about it.

C: No nerves!! ALL FUN! Well, the nerves are natural. It’s all part of the stomach flip!

S: Yeah. But I’m nervous about the assholes I’ll meet. And I’m nervous about being too slutty. Or getting in trouble somehow. Dating seems dangerous to me.

C: Trouble?

S: Like, date raped.

C: You are really good at judging people (you said so yourself). And the way you aren’t slutty and don’t go home with crazies is by making sure you really know the person.

S: True. But how can you REALLY know someone?

C: You can’t but watch your drink, and you can always leave. Have an out.

S: And what if I’m going to be the kind of girl who reveals too much on first dates?

C: Ohhh that’s good. I want to be that girl.

S: Guys ask what my deal is, and I’m all “I had an affair with a married man and got divorced.”

C: Who cares? Everyone has skeletons. Sometimes it’s better to show them off.

S: What if other people’s skeletons are scarier than mine? Do you check and see if all the guys you date are registered sex offenders?


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