On being homeless.

S: My counselor asked me last night if I felt like I was giving up on myself. I was like, fuck. Yes. I don’t love my husband the way I need to love him in order to be married to him and be happy.

C: Then what are you doing?

S: I don’t fucking know. I hate everything. Can I move in with youuuuuu? You can take care of me. Kick your roommate out.

C: Sure! Except you would have to room with her. I can’t kick her out.

S: I’m just kidding.

C: I know. It would be fun. We have a storage closet down the hall you can sleep in!!

S: Woot.

C: You can cook for us.

S: Like a maid! That would fulfill all the dreams I have for my life.


S: Being a grownup sucks so goddamn much.


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